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80 days. Many seeds savers believe this is the ultimate paste tomato. Giant, blocky Roma-type tomatoes have delicious red flesh that is perfect for paste and canning. World class flavor and comes from an Amish community in Wisconsin
Aunt Ruby's German Green Tomato
Amish Paste Tomato
85 days--One of the largest green beefsteak. Can grow to over 1 pound and are just delicious. They have brilliant, neon-green flesh with a strong, sweet and fruity flavor, much tastier than most red tomatoes. This family heirloom from Germany is beautiful.
(a.k.a. Little Blonde Girl) Small golden-yellow 1" fruits with excellent sweet taste. Fruits are borne in giant clusters, enormous yields and never a cracked fruit. Bears until frost. Indeterminate, 75-80 days from transplant
Brandywine (Sudduth's Strain)
(a.k.a. Pink Brandywine) Brandywine first appeared in the 1889 catalog of Johnson & Stokes of Philadelphia and by 1902 was also offered by four additional seed companies, but soon disappeared from all commercial catalogs. Our best selling tomato and one of the best tasting tomatoes available to gardeners today. The seed of this strain was obtained by tomato collector Ben Quisenberry of Big Tomato Gardens in 1980 from Dorris Sudduth Hill whose family grew them for 80 years. Large pink beefsteak fruits to 2 pounds. Incredibly rich, delightfully intense tomato flavor. Indeterminate, 90 days from transplant.
Cherokee Purple
Our favorite large purple tomato. Introduced to other SSE members by North Carolina member Craig LeHoullier in 1991, seed originally obtained from J. D. Green. Unique dusty rose color. Flavor rivals Brandywine, extremely sweet. Productive plants, large crops of 12 oz. fruits. Indeterminate, 80 days from transplant.
Copia Tomato
80-90 days. Our most unique and beautiful large, striped tomato, these have lovely, fine stripes of glowing gold and neon red. Inside, the flesh is a flavorful mix of red and yellow, swirled together in various combinations, and very tasty. This new variety was developed by Jeff Dawson and named in honor of "Copia," the Amercian Center for Food, Wine and the Arts, of Napa, CA. This should make a superb tomato for market growers and is a new "must have" for heirloom gardeners.
Crnkovic Yugoslavian
Brought into the U.S. by Yasha Crnkovic, a colleague of SSE member Carolyn Male. Large beefsteak fruits have perfect shoulders and almost never crack. Great full tomato flavor. Heavy yields. Indeterminate, 80-90 days from transplant.
Gajo De Melon Tomato
Imagine melons, imagine sugar, mix in some tomato, and you describe the delicious taste of this lovely cherry tomato. They are pink and yellow, blended and marbled together, in lovely melon tones. Plants produce these gourmet fruit well.
German Pink
One of the two original Bavarian varieties that started SSE. Potatoleaf plants produce large 1-2 pound meaty fruits with few seeds, very little cracking or blossom scars. Full sweet flavor. Excellent for canning, freezing and slicing. Indeterminate, 85 days from transplant.
Great White Tomato
80-85 days. Large 1 lb. giant creamy white fruit, this tomato is superbly wonderful. The flesh is so good and deliciously fruity, it reminds one of a mixture of fresh cut pineapple, melon and guava. One of our favorite fresh eating tomatoes! Fruit are smoother than most large beefsteak types, and yields can be very high. This fine variety was developed by Gleckner's Seedsmen.
Green Grape
A selection made from Thompson Seedless Grape by Thomas Wagner. Unique grape-like yellowish-green cherry tomatoes on extremely productive, bushy plants. Hard to stop eating, addictive. Spicy, full-flavored, sweet 1" fruits. Determinate, 80-90 days from transplant.
Green Zebra
Green 1½ - 2½" fruits with various shades of yellow to yellowish-green stripes, sweet zingy flavor. Very productive plants, sure to be a best seller at market. Introduced in 1985 by Tater Mater Seeds. Indeterminate, 75-80 days from transplant.
HillBilly Potato Leaf
Absolutely gorgeous slicing tomato. Sweet juicy 4-6" flattened fruits about 1 pound each. Beautiful yellow fruits are streaked with red on the blossom end. Heavy producer. Indeterminate, 85 days from transplant.
Isis Candy Cherry
Gorgeous fruits are marbled with red. Rich flavor is a complex blend of sweetness and fruitiness. Each fruit has a spectacular cat’s eye starburst on the blossom end. Plants are loaded with 1½" fruits on short trusses in double rows of 6-8. Indeterminate, 70-80 days from transplant.
Japanese Blk Trifele
One of the best black tomatoes, high yields of blemish free fruits, rarely cracks. Rich full flavor, great for canning. The size of a Bartlett pear, weighning4-5 oz., bred in Russia, potato leaf. Inderterminate, 70-80 days from transplant.
Juan Flamme
One of the best black tomatoes, high yields of blemish free fruits, rarely cracks. Rich full flavor, great for canning. The size of a Bartlett pear, weighning4-5 oz., bred in Russia, potato leaf. Inderterminate, 70-80 days from transplant.
Mexico Midget
Very prolific plants continue producing throughout the entire growing season. Hundreds of round ½" fruits give an incredible flash of rich tomato flavor, great for salads or selling in pints. One of the best. Indeterminate, 60-70 days from transplant.
Medium-sized bright orange fruits. Solid orange meat, few seeds and wonderful flavor. Winner of SSE's 2007 Heirloom Tomato Tasting. One of our favorites since we first grew it in 1996. Indeterminate, 80 days from transplant.
Mortgage Lifter
In a trial of 25 Mortgage Lifter types this Kentucky heirloom produced the best crops of 1-2 pounds pink beefsteak fruits. Extremely meaty and typically crack free. Great old fashioned tomato flavor. Indeterminate, 80-90 days from transplant.
Nebraska Wedding
The "ultimate love apple" according to Amy Goldman's colorful story in The Heirloom Tomato. Reliable producer of beautiful 3-4" round fruits with shiny orange skin and orange flesh, very meaty. Very adaptable variety, does quite well in the Midwest. Produces fruits in clusters, good yields. Well-balanced flavor. Plants require staking, but typically are less than 36" tall. Determinate, 85-90 days from transplant
Great black tomato that is virtually blemish-free! Baseball-sized fruits are borne in clusters of up to six fruits, very productive. Excellent full flavor, one of our all-time favorites. Great for markets.  Indeterminate, 80 days from transplant.
Pink Grapefuit Tomato
75 days. A really unique tomato of medium size. Beautiful yellow fruit are blushing pink inside (hence their name). They have sweet-tart taste that does have citrus overtones. A productive, round tomato that is a winner.
Red Zebra
Gorgeous 2½" fruits are fire-engine red overlaid with golden yellow stripes. Top quality, extremely uniform strain, very productive. Great sweet flavor. Indeterminate, 75-80 days from transplant.
Riesentraube Tomato
76-85 days. This old German heirloom was offered in Philadelphia by the mid-1800's. The sweet red 1 oz fruit grow in large clusters and the name means "Giant Bunch of Grapes" in German. It is probably the most popular small tomato with seed collectors as many enjoy the rich, full tomato flavor that is missing in today's cherry types. Large plants produce massive yields
Silvery Fir Tree
Distinctive carrot-like silvery-gray foliage on compact 24" plants. Heavy crops of round, slightly flattened 3-3½" red fruits. Extremely decorative variety that is a real eye-catcher. Does extremely well in hanging baskets or on patios. Determinate, 58 days from transplant.
Tomato Italian Ice

Sugary sweet and bursting with juicy flavor, ‘Italian Ice’ is a summer picnic treat. Clusters of 1-1 1/2" snack-sized fruits ripen from green to ivory white, becoming uniquely sweet and mild tasting. Chill a bowlful for a satisfying portable snack when the heat of the summer demands a cooling, melt-in-your-mouth taste sensation.

Indeterminate. 65 days.

Yellow Mortgage Lifter
A beautiful yellow version of the regular Mortgage Lifter. It has the same great size and taste except this variety is bright yellow in color. Always popular with attendees at the Heirloom Garden Show, this big heirloom is richly flavored and quite rare. A favorite!
Fresh fruit from our family to yours

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